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Car Window or Dash Phone Mount

Hold the phone! Keep your favorite sidekick within eyesight at all times with our Car Window or Dash Phone Mount. The mount is simple to use, simply attach to your window or dash for the best view. The suction cup mount is sturdy and trustworthy to make sure you can stay safe out on the road! You will never have to worry about your phone flying around while you're driving ever again. Simple, safe, and smart… but keep your eyes on the road! We're to something here. We took the hassle out of buying electronics and built a brand that's fresh and simple. With delightful pops of color, finding the right product has never been easier. Say goodbye to stressful decision-making and fear of the electronics aisle. Our mission is simple… to deliver great products and make it easy. Choose onn. and get back to using your brainpower for the important things in life… like pondering the question, "What should I binge watch this weekend?"


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